Shark Beach After Party 2017

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Welcome to XXX islands! Welcome to Shark Beach! It lies 5.10 km from the nearest shore, Sin City. Shark Beach Marine Park receives a lot of weekend-trippers from the moon factory. Workpeople like white sand and bright underwater world in this part of monetary planet.

Good Guys Stay In Kyiv * Bad Guys Go To Shark Beach ™ Shark Beach After Party ® Country entrepreneurs ℠ Use #SHARKENERGY in Twitter and your tweet gets here!

Usualy tourists come here to take pictures of sunsets. You can join them to make photo to the memory. By the way you can use #SHARKENERGY in your social networks and get vinyl magnets on FMP & NYQ for free. Subscribe our site newsletters to know the details.

P. S. Special thanks to Andry Richman, 1979 & Lexz32

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